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The Baxter Studio School (BaxSS), is an exciting new initiative by the Baxter Arts Centre. Now in its second year BaxSS is looking to expand and broaden its selection of courses given by Prince Edward County artists and artisans. One of the most creative places to learn is right within the artist’s studio. This is the concept behind BaxSS. An art school without walls, but within studios that act as satellite classrooms. We invite you to apply as an instructor to this program and become a part of this creative new school. It is an opportunity for you to have interested and interesting people come into your studio to learn how you do what you do, to be inspired and encouraged by your, and then their, own creativity and to ensure they have broadened their knowledge through learning about your work. All our current artists will attest to the enriching of this experience. Please see the testimonials on our website.

Why participate in the BaxSS…..
The Baxter Arts Centre has a strong presence within the Prince Edward County community. Whilst you will be expected to promote your workshops through your own means and formats, Baxter Arts Centre is able to provide promotion and marketing for your workshop through press releases, flyers, the BAXSS website, regular e news bulletins and through social media. As well Baxter Arts Centre contacts all local press, arts councils, schools and galleries in the area.  We draw students locally and from far afield.

Criteria for acceptance:

  • An applicant must be a professional, full time artist/artisan with a working studio, both practising and living in Prince Edward County
  • Artists must have insurance liability.
  • Your studio space must be able to function safely and accommodate sufficient workspace for students. A studio visit will take place before acceptance into BaxSS.
  • Your application will be considered by a selection committee of professional artists.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Please note that our goal is to offer a broad range of diverse artistic workshops. With this in mind, proposals will be considered based on how a workshop would fit into the overall makeup of the BAXSS.

A one time membership fee of $333.00. is required upon joining BaxSS.

Application Process and Deadline
Your application must include:
Your CV outlining your background, education, work experience, including exhibitions and shows.
Please submit 10 JPGs of your work, 1-3 JPGs of your studio space and 1 JPG of yourself.
Please include; your course description; the proposed date(s); times; the number, both minimum and maximum, of students you can accommodate, and the course cost per student. Please note that BaxSS will be adding a registration fee to your cost this enables BaxSS to market and promote your workshops. Supply costs are NOT to be included but listed separately, and paid by the student to the artist at class time.

Deadline for application: must be received by March 10th 2017


All applications must be submitted electronically.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please contact us if you require more details. Thank you.