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Mark Armstrong

Mark attended Sheridan College way back before cell phones were invented, learning all the centuries old techniques to become the experienced glassblower he is today. His learning has continued by taking a variety of workshops in cool places like North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Finland.

It must be genetic as a couple of his ancestors were glassblowers in the 1800’s, working in huge glass factories in Hamilton. Born in Burlington, Mark has made Prince Edward County home for over 20 years, knowing it was the perfect place to raise his 3 extraordinary girls.

Over the years Mark has given dozens, if not hundreds of demos to visitors and groups, and his studio is a favourite field trip for students from several area schools, not just because glass is super-cool, but also because Mark is a naturally gifted teacher. Old and young alike love to learn about glass from him, his passion for the medium is contagious.

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