Rhonda Nolan

It is a truly liberating experience to paint outside on the studio premises of Rhonda Nolan. To allow oneself the freedom of expression and be inspired by creative spirits. Her studio in Bloomfield PEC is surrounded by a magnificent expanse where you will experience a sense of freedom and glean inspiration from nature.

Rhonda is a mixed media, contemporary artist who continuously explores and paints. She also encourages artistic expression in all forms as a method to live a happier and healthier life. For many years she coordinated an artroom for the homeless is Toronto’s inner city. This, she attributes to have formed her style of street expression that she favours, believing that Art should be available to all and should fill our lives.

Rhonda has exhibited consistently since 1995. She has a design degree from Ryerson University. She has worked as a paper maker and illustrator before turning her love to painting. Her earlier work has been used on greeting cards, in children’s books and for corporate accounts, appearing both in print and in galleries throughout Canada and the US.

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Rhonda Nolan Paintings
14 Duncan Street,
Bloomfield, ON
Phone: 613-403-3815